Deal Advisory

FY 2018-19 - Breakthrough deals
• Feb 2019 - iAcuire Consulting LLP acted as a sole financial advisor to True balance for Raising undisclosed Amount from India's largest private bank.
• Jan 2019 - Another milestone in bringing Foreign Company investment into Indian Market -
Iacuire led Opera, the leading browser, a Norwegian company, in acquiring NBFC company in India with RBI approval for change on control and management. It also led Opera to start financial services business and entry in India.
• Dec 2018 -Iacuire marks another success – RBI approval for NBFC License for TrueBalance, (a part of Balancehero) an Indo-Korean fintech company within timelimit

FY 2017-18 - Breakthrough Deals
• Sept 2017 - Advised & arranged for RBI’s approval for change of control and director from mpurse services to Vsun communication, a Chinese mobile manufacturer and Mr Pradeep Jain, founder of Karbonn mobile.
• June 2017 – Accomplished successfully second trench of Investment from NET1 in Mobikwik
FY 2016-17
• iAcuire advised and consulted Mobikwik in getting BBPOU LICENSE !! This includes extensive interaction with Reserve Bank of India covering all aspect of BBPOU license
• iAcuire sole advisor and consulted MobiKwik and introduced Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc., a NASQAQ listed company to. Mobikwik gets investment up to $40 million by NET1 and also strategic partner. This deal marked entry of NET1 in India.
• iAcuire Arranged Venture debt for from Axis bank of Rs 5 crore. This is unique product specifically created for iCarelife.
o Draw down under this product is not limited and iCarelife could get its students to take loan of Rs 5 Cr or beyond.
o Based on this product iCarelife may ask multiple modification of the product to suit specific requirements of trainee. This will help in attracting more trainees to join iCare sources.
o This product will help in increasing iCareLife’s valuation and attract more investors.
o Based on this product, iCarelife could approach many other banks to share competitive products. The start point is always difficult.
FY 2015-16
• iAcuire was the sole advisor in complete process of Acquisition of FxMart by Flipkart.
• iAacuire being the sole advisor and investment banker to facilitate acquisition for iYogi . yPayCash getting acquired by IndiaNext, a company formed by promoters of iYogi.